EFS and the Green Team

Pukekohe Hill School is a Silver Level Enviroschool. This page will be updated with current events, and information about what we are doing in our mission to move towards greater environmental sustainability.

We have a school Education for Sustainability web-site - Click on the red button to visit.

Rongoa Garden

Enviro Group 2017 photos

This is our new Enviro Group for 2017.

Our Enviro Group has met together to brainstorm goals and ideas to work on over 2017.

Our first goal is to care for our Rongoa Garden.

New signs purchased for our Rongoa Garden trees. Next step is for the children to inquire into how we can display the signs in or around the garden.

Guinea Pigs

We have some very special visitors at Hill School at the moment. Henry, Marshmallow and Munchkin are really enjoying the attention they get from the children at Hill School.

Our responsible monitors are making sure that the guinea pigs are well cared for and check that they always have plenty of water, food and a nice clean bed of straw.

You'll find the guinea pigs outside in their little run on a fine day getting plenty of love and attention.

Eye on Nature Trip 2017

The Enviro group had a great time at the Eye on Nature trip to the Botanical gardens in week 8 despite the torrential rain!

The children learnt all about native trees, birds and insects and the importance of looking after our native treasures.

They enjoyed learning about lots of different plants, and where some of our food comes from. The children discovered that they can make healthy choices when making their own school lunches.

Check out one of the awesome responses to our trip from Rhiah and Mekenzy! It's buzztastic!!

Bee project