Health Promoting School

We are a Health Promoting School at Pukekohe Hill.

We provide 'Milk in Schools' for all children on a weekly basis, through Fonterra. All children are also encouraged to be environmentally friendly by folding the carton so that it may be recycled for roof tiles and books in other countries.

Here's how to fold and recycle your milk carton correctly.

Every Wednesday and Thursday a group of children take part in a cooking club. The children learn basic knife skills and simple, healthy, and cheap recipes that can be easily prepared at home.

At the end of each term one lucky student is selected, from each class, to have lunch with the Principal. The student is chosen based on their effort and and achievement with their learning during the term.

The chefs (from the cooking club) prepare and serve a delicious lunch that is not only tasty and nutritious, but healthy too.