Student Ambassadors

2019 Ambassadors Chosen - Congratulations!

Pukekohe Hill School Pupil Ambassadors are Year 5 & 6 pupils who are deemed to have personal qualities which are highly valued at our school.

We believe they have the ability to take up the challenge and responsibility of being an Ambassador.

Ambassadors will be expected to voluntarily be involved in ‘Positive Action’ in our school.

‘Positive Action’ may be in the form of some of the following: –

attend some school functions; meet special guests; escort visitors around our school; welcome or thank special guests; have specific tasks at assemblies; work in lower level classroom from time to time, assisting others with their learning and behaviour; organising games for younger children in the playground; organising and refereeing games in the middle and senior school – i.e. lunchtime netball / soccer / hockey / netball competitions; organising and operating discos at lunchtimes (once a term); assisting in the playground with children having difficulties with others; other tasks teachers or Senior management may wish to ask ambassadors to perform.

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Ruby Mcmahon ambassador profile 2019
Daniel Chamberlain Ambassador 2019
Katherine Bagley's Ambassador Profile Form 2019
Jacob Heron Ambassador proof Form 2019
Jonah Letcher's Ambassador Profile Form 2019