Pukekohe Hill School has maintained a Travelwise Gold status since 2013. As a Travelwise school, we work hard to promote travelling wisely to and from school.

Through a variety of different events, the Travelwsise team are always looking at ways to improve the practices we currently do to keep children safe.

Some of these include, working with the local police, having cluster meeting with other schools to learn about other problems and solutions, organising school-wide mini-wheels events, and participating in Bike safety sessions.

It is everyone’s responsibility to keep our kids safe

Keep our children safe … and park safe.

Please play your part by:

  • Always observing the parking restrictions near the school
  • Always using the school patrol crossing
  • Choosing safety over convenience at all times
  • Never stopping on yellow lines or double-park around the school. Parking like this can block the view of children and motorists.