Junior Team

Year 0, 1 and 2

Our Junior Team has had a fantastic start to the school year. We have been talking about Powerful Learning and things that help us to learn. We have enjoyed swimming during Term One and it was great to see the skills and confidence of all the children increase.

Our main focus for the COMMUNITY concept was Science based, and we were looking at the Living World. As part of our learning experiences we went on a trip to the Auckland Zoo to learn about how animals live together, what animals need, and the zoo community. We also learned how to classify animals according to shared features and characteristics. The children loved seeing the animals and learning about the role of the zoo keeper and other zoo workers. Some of the children even got to dress up as zoo keepers, builders and gardeners. Please come into our classrooms and see our amazing animal art. Check out a few of our gorgeous pictures below.......

Term Two: Past and Present

This Term our main focus for the PAST and PRESENT concept is Social Sciences based, looking at continuity and change. We will be learning why and how the past is important to people. Through photos, videos, shared learning experiences, art, dance, trips and experts we will learn about life in the past and how our lives have changed over time. The children will also be talking about mistakes they have made in the past and how they have learnt from them. Then we will focus on how our choices affect the environment. Read below to find out more about our amazing learning in Term Two.


One of the highlights this term was the trip to Glenbrook Railway. When we arrived we were very lucky as we were allowed to go into the engine and see the coal and burning fire. Then we all enjoyed an incredible trip on a Steam Train. Enjoy looking at our photos and reading some of our Recounts about the trip.

Steam Train Trip

We had a brilliant Monday because we went on a steam train. First we went into the engine room and saw the coal and the fire. Next we heard clatter clatter when we were inside the carriages. We went on the back of the carriages outside the train. The steam and the smoke went in my face. I felt tired.

By Jade Anderson

Glenbrook Railway

Wow! We had an exciting Monday. We went to the train station to learn about the past. First we went into the engine and saw the hot, burning fire. I felt hot. Next we went into the carriages and we saw the steam. We went outside and the black smoke went in my face. I felt hungry.

By Kingston Speedy


As part of our Past and Present concept the whole school were very lucky and we were able to visit our local Marae, Nga Hau e Wha. As well as learning about the history of the Marae, the children also participated in the protocols of being welcomed onto a Marae. After an exciting welcome we all enjoyed a variety of traditional games and activities.

The Bicycle Chap

All the children were amazed when the bicycle chap came to Hill School and showed us bicycles from the past. We were even more amazed when he rode the old bicycles around the hall!

The Penny Farthing Bike

I like the Penny Farthing bike because they are only for boys to ride. This is because girls wore long dresses in the past and their dresses would get caught in the spokes. They used to wear hats first, then caps and then they wore helmets.

By William Binnie


Term 2 was a fantastic, busy term and we are looking forward to our new concept: MOVEMENT. The focus for our Movement Concept is Science based, learning about the physical world. We will explore every day examples of physical phenomena, such as movement, forces, electricity, and magnetism, light, sound, waves, and heat. The children will be involved in lots of hand on experiences learning how things move. We will be sharing our learning stories and experiences here throughout the term.

Term Three started with lots of energy and a visit from the Counties Manukau Steelers. We loved asking the players questions about how many wheetbix they could eat (LOTS!) and what they like to do in their spare time. They even showed us how to score a try and how to do a crazy victory dance. Room 12 dressed up for the special assembly- don't they look gorgeous!

As part of our Topic we have been having lots of fun learning about simple machines and how they help us to do things, ramps, wedges, levers, screws, pulleys, wheels and axles.

The children wore bands on their foreheads and had to ask yes/no questions to work out which simple machine they had on their band. A great game to play at home too. Can you guess the machines below?


This Term in Dance we have been focusing on body awareness and ways to move our body. We have had lots of fun exploring the four dance elements: Space (where we can move), Shape (how we can move), Dynamics (how and time and energy) and Relationships (moving independently, with a friend or in a group). Have a look at these great dancers in Room 2.


The Junior School children have loved Modelling, Casting and Carving this term. Room 8 explored movement and body position when stood as a statue. They sketched statues frozen in a position and then made their statues come alive with pipe cleaners, polystyrene balls and tin foil. Check out their amazing statues. All of the Junior classes have been learning how to manipulate clay to make models. Please visit our classrooms to see our fantastic clay pieces of art. Room 4 also painting some fabulous portraits called 'Our Awesome Principal Mr Rix'. We think they look just like him!

Term 4: Resources

We are all looking forward to a fast paced Term 4 in the Junior Syndicate. This term we will be focusing on Resources which is Social Sciences based. We will be discussing what resources are, why we need to manage resources and as part of our inquiry we will explore how resources affect life.