Junior Team

TERM 4 - More than words

Language and images enrich our lives. We can express our learning through words and images.

People need to take positive action to help resolve environmental problems. How can we improve the quality of our environment? How can we effectively communicate these ideas with others?

Well done to all of our tamariki for competing in this years Junior Athletics. Heats and semifinals were held on Monday and the finals are happening on Thursday. Good luck to our finalists!

TERM 3 - Change

We will be exploring the concept of Change, with a focus on Planet Earth and Beyond. We will be making predictions about what will happen when scientific change occurs. The children will be observing, and talking about what happens when there is a change. As part of our topic we will be learning about Seasons, Life Cycles, and having lots of fun with science experiments. We will be sharing some of our work throughout the Term.

TERM 2 - Culture

Culture Rotations Year 1

Room 9

Indian Cultural Rotation in Rm 12.docx
Pasifika Cultural Rotation in Rm 7.docx
Pasifika Cultural Rotation in Rm 12.docx
Indian Cultural Rotation in Rm 7.docx

Room 10

Maori Cultural Rotation Photos in Room 10
Room 10’s Pasifika Food Rotation
Pasifika Clothing Rotation

Culture Rotations Year 2

Room 3's traditional Indian dress.

Room 2's Indian Sak

Room 2 enjoys yummy Hokey Pokey ice cream.

Room 8, Shares their learning.

ANZAC service

Room 8's Anzac Day art.

Room 2 share their time at our special Anzac Service.

Room 12 shares their fun learning.

TERM 1 - Lift off to Learning

Room 1

Room 3

Room 3 Writing.pdf

Room 4

EOTC Finn.docx
EOTC Day.docx

Room 7

Room 9 - World of Maths

Term 1 World of Maths.docx

Room 10

Beach Display
Sticker Names
T Shirts Art
Winston the Rabbit

Room 12