Middle Team

Year 3 and 4


We will be exploring the concept of CHANGE through a variety of lenses this term. One interesting example of continuous change is the life-cycle of the Monarch Butterfly. In Room 22 we have begun to explore this fascinating process. For writing we are working on organising our ideas into paragraphs, and using images to support our key ideas. Here are some of our reports - we hope you enjoy reading them.

The Butterfly's Life Cycle by Katherine.pdf

Technology Challenge

Recently the Middle School participated in a technology challenge. Our tamariki had lots of fun and had to think really creatively to create designs that met the success criteria.


In Term 2 we have explored and compared different cultures. One big focus was on the Maori New Year - Matariki. We learnt about how this cluster of stars was viewed by different cultures (such as the Greek and Japanese) and compared the myths or stories from those cultures.

We investigated the meaning behind Matariki, and looked into how it was celebrated in the past, and how it could be celebrated in the future (if it were to be made into a public holiday).

We also looked into the recent thinking brought forward by Dr Rangi Matamua that there are (and have always been) 9 stars in the Matariki cluster. Some Iwi share the story of Matariki and her six daughters (seven stars), while some Iwi tell of the 9 stars as being the eyes of god.

We have retold the story of Matariki in a couple of different ways:

  1. Comics - Room 22 created a collaborative e-book with a collection of student made comic strips. We created the book using the app 'Book Creator', and had to find effective images to communicate the story.
  2. Animation/Movie - Using the Puppet Pals iPad app, students retold/re-enacted the story. They had to then edit their video clips together and add a title and credits using iMovie.

Here is an example of a Puppet Pals created video retelling the legend of Matariki.

Disclaimer - the events in this video may be exaggerated/altered through an impulsive application of artistic license on the part of the students :)

They had a LOT of fun creating this.

Overnight Camp

In week 6, the middle school students took part in an overnight camp. This was a great event, and proved to have a variety of challenges for all. For some students, just staying the night away from their families was a new and exciting experience.

We would like to thank all of our middle school whanau for helping make this a successful event - through lending us your tents, helping to put the tents up (and take them down), helping to run and supervise activities, and the all-important supervising of the children overnight - the students and teachers of the middle school offer our sincerest thanks.

Room 22’s School Camp by Jade.pdf

Lift off to Learning

In room 22 we have been looking at what it means to be a Superlearner. One way of sharing that is we made slide shows to show the qualities we think a superlearner needs to have. Here is a slideshow made by Carter, Harvey, and Adam.

We also discussed Te Tiriti o Waitangi, and read the book "The Tree-hut Treaty". We discussed rules and expectations we should have for our own class. This was then turned into a Superlearner Oath that we all strive to live up to every day.

How to be a Life-Long Learner

student books created using Book Creator.

Here are some e-books created by Room 24 to share what it means to them to be a 'life-long learner'.

Descriptive Writing

Room 22 has also been working on how we can add detail to our writing to make it more descriptive. Here are some descriptions written about the picture below...

As I sat by a lake on the green soft grass I can hear the soft breeze. As the sun sets I can see the lake shimer as it reflects the pink and purple sky. The lake has sunken leafless trees. As the crickets chirp it gets darker and darker. The cold, soft breeze blows harder and harder, but soon it weakens as the lovely lake shimmers and sparkles. As it gets colder I grab my thin coat and I wrap it around me. The water moves in and out with the soft breeze going across it, and as I stand to feel the water it tickles my hand. I start to walk a little bit to a stump on the side of the lake as the birds chirp in their nest.

I can see the lake glaze as the moon shows itself I slowly walk home.

By Ladi.

I can see purple and peach clouds resting in the sky. I see orange water with a purple tinge. It feels cold. When you step in you can hear and feel the mud slushing about in between your toes. I see dead trees with no leaves on them, nearly falling over in the whistling warm breeze. I see clumps of brown dead bristly grass liying there. I hear the wind and cicadas chirping at the sky.

I can see a bank of dry as dust dirt. I can see a tree stump rotten on the inside. I see twigs rising from the water trying to reach away to the clouds like hands. I see a sunset with streaks of gold, yellow and pink.

I feel happy under the warm sun.

by Elsie.