Middle Team

Year 3 and 4

Term 4


The concept we are exploring this term is RESOURCES. Our main inquiry has been into the resources necessary to produce Milk.

We travelled to a dairy farm in Patumahoe, where we were given an excellent guided tour of the farm by Lynette. She taught us a lot about the different types of resources that go into running a successful dairy farm, and ensure we have plenty of Milk for our Cocoa Pops.

The following books were created by the students of Room 22 to communicate what they learned on the day.

Pukekohe Hill would like to thank Dairy NZ for finding us a fantastic farm to visit, and for subsidising the cost of transport.

Term Three

I like to move it, move it

I like to move it, move it

I like to move it, move it

We like to move it!

Yes, you guessed it... the concept for Term 3 is


This term we will be exploring the energy of movement, with a big focus on Science. We will also be exploring the concept of Movement through other avenues, so keep checking back here to see what we are getting up to with our learning!

Term Two

After a busy Term 1 exploring the concept of community, Term 2 sees the middle syndicate dive into the concept of PAST and PRESENT.

As part of this we will be exploring life during the Victorian era, and will be comparing and contrasting life back then, to the way we live our lives now.

We will be going to the Howick Historical Village in Week 4, and while we are there the students will get to experience different aspects of the Victorian era such as playing with outdoor toys and games, exploring toys that children had to play with indoors, take part in an authentic Victorian classroom experience, and they will be able to explore the Village to get a feel for life in the community back then.


Here is the trip notice for our syndicate visit to the Howick Historical Village. This notice has gone out to all students today (2.5.17) and can either be returned to school with payment for the trip, or it can be payed online via the school shop (see the link from the school web-site)

The Middle syndicate would like to say a big thank-you to the PTA for donating money towards the buses. We would also like to thank those who contributed to the bake-sale in Term 1. Without the help and support we have received from our wonderful, supportive families, the cost of this trip would've been significantly higher.

"Eharu taku toa i te toa takitahi. Engari, he toa takitini".

"My strength is not the strength of one. It is the strength of many".

The Bicycle Chap.

In Week two we had "The Bicycle Chap" visit our school. He had a selection of bikes from throughout history, and was able to demonstrate them, and gave great information about what made each bike so special.

Here is a piece of recount writing by Keira of Room 23!

‘The Bike Chap.pdf

Home Learning Excellence

Sebastian worked extremely hard to produce a comprehensive slide show documenting the history of flight.

Click on the slideshow to the left, and read some interesting facts to see how far we have come in flight technology.