Senior Team

Years 5 and 6

Our Senior Syndicate classes are made up with 2 full year 6 classes, a composite Year 5/6 Maori immersion class and 3 Year 5 classes.

Our Senior Syndicate classes started their year with a much anticipated camp at Chosen Valley.

The students had an amazing time and learnt lots of valuable life lessons throughout their stay. The need to persevere, share space, follow instructions, give things a go (take risks) and encourage others were but some of the virtues and skills on display.

Both teachers and parents were very impressed with the level of commitment and enthusiasm the students showed on the camp. The Chosen Valley camp managers complimented us on how organised and pleasant the camp was. He particularly mentioned how dedicated the parents were in doing their jobs and the encouragement they gave ALL the students.

Students went back to school and wrote thank you letters to parents helpers and also did detailed personal recounts on their camp experience. The students will also use their bush walk experience as immersion for their concept inquiries.

Community Concept

Year 5 and 6 students have been investigating special features of community members, whether that be human, animal, insects or plants. We researched and described how these features help them to stay alive.

We all learnt that all communities were interdependent, which means that everybody/living thing work together to achieve success. An interesting observation was that diversity within a community allowed a range of different perspectives/ ideas and solutions to problems.

Working collaboratively, we gathered information about different communities such as minibeasts and the bush environment. We wondered why some species had become extinct or endangered and questioned… could the community continue to function?

From these questions, we are currently looking at investigating the importance of ecosystems and the impact humans has had upon these.

Past and Present

We look at and remember ANZAC Day. Students will look at all aspects of the ANZAC. This will be covered in all areas of their learning.

Students will also look at how technology has changed over the years. Research will be done on how effective technology has become through the improvements over the years.

The senior school will visit the Auckland Museum and look at all the aspects of the past and how it has impacted on the present.