Senior Team

Years 5 and 6

Our Senior Syndicate classes are made up with 3 full year 6 classes, a composite Year 5/6 Maori immersion class, a Year 4/5 class and 3 x Year 5 classes.

Our Senior Syndicate classes started their year with a much anticipated camp at Port Waikato.

The students had an amazing time and learnt lots of valuable life lessons throughout their stay. The need to persevere, share space, follow instructions, give things a go (take risks) and encourage others were but some of the virtues and skills on display.

Both teachers and parents were impressed with the level of commitment and enthusiasm the students showed on the camp. The dedicated parents were absolutely amazing by doing their jobs and the encouragement they gave ALL the students.

Students went back to school and wrote thank you letters to parents helpers and also did detailed personal recounts on their camp experience. The students will also use all their experiences as immersion for their concept inquiries.


What is culture.docx

Students have been doing research to better understand different cultures around the world and compare it with their own. Different teachers gave presentations on their own countries and culture and this was a focus for a whole week each. These counties were India, China and South Africa.

The culture of India.pptx


Oliver and Tamsyn ANZAC Culture